Special Designs - FORMWORK

"Joining forces with our colleagues helps us come up with innovative answers. I find that challenging." Jochen Moosman, Engineering, Haiterbach. 


Special Designs - FORMWORK

"Joining forces with our colleagues helps us come up with innovative answers. I find that challenging." Jochen Moosman, Engineering, Haiterbach. 



Special Concrete Forming Projects

MEVA runs special facilities dedicated to developing and manufacturing special formwork designs and special solutions for architectural jobs all over the world. And the MEVA engineers running them have won international acclaim for exceptional answers to demands that, very often, seemed impossible to master at first. Take a look at the Merseburg and the UEB Vienna architectural concrete projects with their spectacular geometries and convince yourself.

Features & Benefits
3D model

Features & Benefits

MEVA: Your Single Source Solution Provider

MEVA portfolio: your benefits

  • Precision in planning and production.
  • Custom-built solutions, static calculation.
  • Planning and budgeting support.
  • Support on site.
  • Team and site supervision.
  • Support for quotations and tenders.
  • Know-how and expertise (release agent, compacting, concrete pressure, concrete finish and architectural designs).

Special designs and facing
Special forms are made from steel, wood and combinations thereof.

  • Steel designs on the basis of the Mammut frame profile.
  • Custom-built parts on the basis of MammutMevaDec or Circo panels.
  • Facing with plywood.
  • Wooden plank facing.
  • All-plastic sheets welded together as a facing or double-up facing sheet.

Combination of Standard & Custom-Built Forms

Special Forms with MEVA profiles in steel and aluminium

The combination of system and custom-built parts or modification of standard parts often proves a cost-effective solution when the formwork is re-used often. The MEVA clamp saves time and labour as a connection between custom-built and system parts, especially for

  • Small series for corners on waterworks.
  • Special parts for slanted and rounded walls.
  • Special parts for slabs.
  • Rectangular and circular formwork.
  • Custom-built solutions in steel for tunnels. 

Facing portfolio:

  • System parts with 20 mm alkus facing
  • Steel facing
  • Wooden board or doubled-up moulds and stencils for special surface effects

Take a look at the Ballymore Eustace to learn more.

Special Formwork in Wood

MEVA: Your single source solution provider

Custom-built wooden forms can be technically and economically feasible for between one and five pours without re-facing. This often applies to very complex geometric shapes. The focus is on feasibility, buildability, cost-effectiveness, work flow and the desired concrete finish. MEVA specialists support you in all questions around logistics, handling, work flow, static calculations,
concrete pressure and transport.

Facing portfolio

  • Laminated plywood (21 mm) as facing.
  • Laminated plywood (8 mm) as facing sheet on wooden substructure.
  • alkus GM 6 as facing sheet on wooden substructure.
  • alkus 20 mm as load bearing facing.
  • Box outs of all kind.
  • Facing inlays.

Special designs with the all-plastic facing alkus

Concrete shaped to almost any design

The all-plastic, 100 % wood-free facing alkus can be bent and shaped to realise even exceptional concrete shapes and forms.  Concrete finishes of any shape can be realised in this way,
from sharp angles to curved walls all the way to large surfaces without a single joint imprint. 

Fields of application

  • High demands on concrete finish.
  • Smooth and homogenous concrete surfaces.
  • Many and frequent re-uses or pours.
  • Pours in difficult weather conditions.


  • Panels welded together.
  • Welded corners.
  • Sheets pre-bent and shaped on roller press.
  • alkus GM 6 laid on wooden substructure almost like a carpet.
  • Grinding and polishing the alkus surface for special effects.
  • Special decorative effects milled or cut into the panel. 
MEVA special designs and CAD planning
MEVA special designs with the all-plastic sheet alkus
MEVA custom-built formwork units for column heads

References - Special Designs

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