3-level residential development close to Linz, Austria

Contractor: Jos. Ertl GmbH, Hörsching, Austria

MEVA Systems: Slab system MevaDec, MD props, MD prop head

Formwork engineering: MEVA Formwork Systems, Pfaffstätten, Austria



Speedy. Efficient. Simple.

Master of speed in residential projects: MevaDec with just two components

Normally, supervisor Werner Lesterl is a fervent supporter of the drop-head-beam-and-panel method where the panels slide into primary beams. On this large residential project, his employer, contractor Jos. Ertl of Hörschin, Austria, sent him off to try the panel method for the first time. Werner has become a fan of it.

This large 3-level residential development close to Linz in Austria with its regular, repetitive slab layouts prompted MEVA formwork engineers to suggest the panel method as a cost-effective and very fast solution. The panels are directly supported by the prop heads, no beams are needed. This offers many advantages whenever early stripping brings no benefit to work flow or scheduling. One of them is exceptional speed in assembly with just two system components: panels and props with pre-assembled prop heads. Only two workers are needed for assembly and stripping even for large slab areas as in this case. Crane time is not required. Since the set up is fool-proof and thus virtually error-free, this adds to site safety.

  • MEVA Expertise & References

    MEVA Expertise & References

    Referencen for Projets in Commercial & Residential Construction, Architectural Construction, High-Rise Construction and Civil Engineering Construction

  • Large construction site in the heart of Budapest

    Large construction site in the heart of Budapest

    MEVA fulfils stringent requirements with flexible formwork solutions. The Budapest Zoo & Botanical Garden is one of the Hungary’s most popular cultural attractions.

  • Challenging tunnel geometry

    Challenging tunnel geometry

    MEVA STB 450 offers flexible solution for narrow, inclined rail section: Near the municipality of Gretzenbach, the four-track route branches into two separate lines. Here, the two southern tracks gradually descend and pass below the cantonal road before entering the new Eppenberg Tunnel.

  • BIM: transparent and efficient

    BIM: transparent and efficient

    BIM stands for Building Information Modelling, a holistic, software-based method for optimised planning and execution of construction projects.

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