Bridge Construction: Safety First

Project: new construction of the motorway A 45 valley bridge Münchholzhausen

Contractor: Adam Hörnig Baugesellschaft mbH & Co. KG

MEVA Systems: Shoring tower Space, wall formwork Mammut 350

Formwork engineering: MEVA Formwork Systems, Stuttgart



New Construction of the motorway A45 valley bridge Münchholzhausen with shoring tower Space and MEVA wall formwork Mammut 350

22 Bridges along the motorway A 45 are being demolished and rebuilt in one of the most comprehensive modernisation projects on Germany's motorway network and aims at improving the performance of one of the most important north-south connections in central Germany. One of them, the valley bridge Münchholzhausen between the towns of Wetzlar and Gießen, is 480 m long  and dates back to 1968. The new bridge will be positioned in exactly the same position as the original and will be equipped with a 4.50 m noise protection wall. 

Worker safety ensured thanks to shoring tower Space as combined working and formwork scaffold 
The old bridge is a box section slab construction made of pretensioned concrete. It will be replaced by a steel girder grid construction resting on concrete pylons up to 32 m high. The task was to find a cost-effective alternative to conventional scaffolding, which would have been hard to set up in the difficult terrain. The MEVA shoring tower Space consists of only a few parts and offers all-round protection at heights beyond 35 m. In addition, it functions as a working platform for rebar and concrete works. 

No additional propping from the ground necessary
Since the shoring tower carries the load of both the formwork and the concrete pour itself, there is no additional propping to the ground needed. The Mammut 350 wall formwork is set up and supported on the tower levels. 

Tapering bridge piers achieved with standard system parts

The bridge piers are 2.50 m wide on the side and taper as they grow taller while the narrow side maintains a perpendicular line. The changing cross sections are achieved by altering the corner angle, avoiding the need for costly special designs or site-built solutions. 

100 kN/m² concrete pressure: Mammut 350 caters for unlimited pour speed
The Mammut 350 system offers a high concrete load capacity of 100  kN/m² which allows unlimited pour speeds up to 4 m in conjunction with DW 20 ties. This is possible without taking into account concrete type or ambient temperature. On account of special static demands and the exceptionally high pours, the site selected a safe concrete pressure of only 60 kN/m² and chose to use DW 15 ties.  

Safety at great heights
The shoring tower sections have a 4.80 x 4.80 m footprint which lends the tower stability even at considerable heights. The sections are assembled safely on the ground in 3.00 m standard heights plus 0.5 m and 1 m extensions. The sections function as working platform levels. Side and fall protection is provided by the MFS safety mesh. No additional safety measures are required. 

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